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The wedding day is one of the most joyous and memorable days in a couple's life.  Let us share your day in order to capture each moment for you to cherish.  We offer a variety of customized options ranging from Reflection Shows, on DVD, to elaborate handcrafted "pop-up" albums.  Please contact us to arrange a free consultation so we may discuss your specific needs and expectations.  We would love to show you our new and exciting ways to preserve your special day.  If you don't live in the Midwest but enjoy our work, don't worry travel is expected and we serve Michana and beyond. 


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After the cake has been cut and the last song played, only your wedding photos will be left to remind you of your special day.  Unfortunately most traditional wedding photography has little concern with capturing the soul of the event, or telling the overall story of the event; producing cookie-cutter portraits taken in the same mechanically photographed sequence.  For this reason, your wedding photography requires special attention.  At Lasting Impressions, we believe every wedding is a great story to be told.  To tell this story, we use a creative blend of traditional, photojournalistic, detail, and panoramic images to capture both the intimate moments, as well as the overall feeling of the event.  Best of all, we place no time limit on the photography the day of the event, and we don't limit our creativity to a preset maximum number of images.  Many of our days begin with breakfast at the bride's house and finish with the newlyweds entering their suite.  We take as many photographs as necessary to capture all the joy and excitement your wedding day brings.  Of course, we always listen and respect unique photographic ideas suggested by the bride and groom.


Our primary goal is to patiently and unobtrusively capture decisive moments--that fraction of a second when reality and design intersect so perfectly that the end result is a work of art.  Naturally, we come equipped with only the best creative instruments.  Lasting Impressions uses only digital SLR's (single lens reflex), supplemented with a panoply of professional grade lenses.  From a 14 mm fisheye to a 400 mm telephoto, our optics  selection leaves no shot inaccessible and no inspired idea untried.  And, all events are covered by two fully equipped professional photographers so backup equipment is always at hand should a mechanical problem arise.


Our creativity doesn't end with the ceremony.  With digital photography, capturing the image is just the beginning of the creative process.  Post-nuptial image processing begins with a thorough check of color balance, cropping, and simple retouching, such as minor blemishes, eye glass glare, and stray hair.  Further enhancements may include conversion to black and white, sepia, infra-red, or spot coloration.  Because the whole process is digital, most simple enhancements can be provided at no additional charge.  Once your images meet our standards of excellence, "image previews" will be presented to you so you may select those you would like to have printed.  Best of all, your guests and family members will be able to browse all of your wedding images in our online image gallery.  It is important to note that your prints will not be dull, pixilated output from a bubble jet.  Instead, your images will be actual photographs, printed by a professional lab, on professional photo paper, with amazing color depth and crisp detail.  Digital 'negatives' are retained indefinitely, allowing you, or any loved ones, to order prints at any date following your ceremony.


Photography is not a generic product.  It is a very personal art form, laden with emotional content that encapsulates perfectly a moment in time.  Great photographs require a connection and level of trust between the photographer and couple.  Before we share some of the most important hours of your life, we insist that you visit us for a free consultation so we may discuss your needs and expectations.  We realize cost is always a concern.  For this reason, we do not have set "packages."  Instead, we allow you to purchase exactly what you want--in terms of both coverage and prints.  In addition to the ceremony and reception, coverage options include engagement sessions, bridal sessions, rehearsal & rehearsal dinner.  Printing options range from Memory Shows, on CD-ROM (or in print), to elaborate albums featuring handcrafted pop-up, fold-out, and other exotic pages


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